back to the future

Philippe Kahn tells us how he is going old school to Hawaii:

After sailing a Moore 24 again, we as a team got excited about surfing to Honolulu as opposed to reaching fast.  So we decided to rebuild a Santa Cruz 70 design. De-Turbo it and make it simple and sail with a pole and symmetrical kites and surf to Honolulu. We call her a “Waikiki 70”.  So we bought the old Equation in the Great Lakes and put her in the shed to make her into a boat that can have fair racing with all other 70’s like Grand Illusion. Imagine 6 to 8 similarly performing classic sleds racing to Honolulu! She should be sailing on May 15th.  Here she is coming out of the shed. A classic hull design. Just like a Moore 24!  (Okay it may not be an SC 70, but there is a thread. ed)