video thursday

It’s another one of those days where there are just too many videos for our usual one-per-day limit.  So enjoy this little selection of the best sailing films of the day.

The Look


We caught up with noted multihull designer (and the designer of the new Gunboat 50 and 60) Nigel Irens in Antigua, just as one of his newest boats was pulling in after a 12-day crossing from the Canary Islands – and this ain’t no ordinary cruising boat.  With amas made from the molds of the ORMA 60 Fujicolor and a gorgeous custom carbon-jeweled cruising center hull for Northern California owner Peter, this thing is pure porn, and one of the coolest cruising boats ever built.  Check out the video tour, along with comments from the owner and designer.

The Feel

More video is rolling in from pre-worlds training in Corpus Christi, and it’s proving what we all knew – regardless of the number of boats on the line, the racing is going to be fucking righteous.  This one is from Kristin Lane’s Brick House team, and what’s that we see?  Willem “Creature” Van Waay wearing a shirt in 80 degrees and warm water? Noooo!  More in the thread here.

The Taste

While we certainly like the look of Extreme 40 designer Herb Derckson’s new Extreme 20, this video is special not for the boat, but for the face-smashing wipeout of crew Mark Bulkeley.  You can just taste the pain…

For a more comprehensive vid of the new X-20, check out this vid. Thanks to Anarchist S1ST for the heads up.