like a bad re-run

In a move that, if it doesn’t surprise us, certainly disappoints, ISAF’s Executive Committee looks close to deciding to, once again, ignore the years of research of its Events Committee in choosing the events for the 2016 Olympics, according to a Tweet by Darren Bundock.  The big loser?  Perhaps the most iconic of Olympic boats over the past decade and the boat that best represents modern sailing today – the photogenic, TV friendly, sailed by young studs, 49er.  

That’s right, folks.  It looks like the powerful people in sailing – many of them Star sailors or stakeholders – plus the countries for whom medal count in 2016 will be everything (<cough>Brazil<cough>), are doing their damnedest to put their own self interest ahead of the good of sailing and the clear directives of the IOC, all while humiliating a hard working bunch of people on the Events Committee – again.

ISAF has seemingly made one bad decision after anotherr over the past few years.  But are Goran and the rest of the Executive Committee really clueless enough to mike their biggest one yet?

Email ISAF’s ExComm with these addresses, and check on the thread here for the latest.