Our long running friction with Key West Race Week organizer Premiere Racing notwithstanding, we have to give a huge shout-out to Quantum Sail Design Group for stepping up to save the event from certain death for the 2012 edition.   

Just a few weeks ago, our sources in the Melges 32 Class – the biggest and highest profile at the past few years of KWRW – confirmed that they were making other plans for their January event, and with 105 and M24 owners all but disappearing from the KW roster, the writing was on the wall.  But a big cash infusion from Quantum looks to have stopped the bleeding, at least for one more year.

We sincerely hope that the management of the event, with direction from its new title sponsor, looks at this as an opportunity to bring the January classic into the modern era. And who knows, maybe we might get involved. But If Premiere continues to focus on the big money owners while ignoring the reality amongst the vast majority of competitors, this ‘Quantum leap’ will be a short one.

You can read the initial press release here for more information.