yer cheatin’ heart

Sounds like someone was caught at last year’s Worlds, and no one had the sack to do much about it.  From the
International J/24 Class:

  1. At the 2010 World Championships, held in Malmo, Sweden, testing with sensor devices indicated the possibility of illegally positioned lead weights in three boats entered for the Championships. Physical examination verified the presence of these weights.
  2. Subsequent checking of a fourth boat, located in the UK and not entered for the World Championship, also revealed the presence of illegal additional weights.
  3. Two of the boats involved had a link through common previous ownership, and, in this case, a great deal of historical evidence and opinion was supplied to the Executive Committee in an attempt to determine responsibility for the installation of the additional and illegal weights.
  4. Having carefully considered all the evidence available the Executive Committee have concluded that given the considerable time span involved, the complicated ownership patterns, and the lack of concrete, factual, evidence there was no possibility of establishing, beyond doubt, personal responsibility for the installation of the weights in question, and that any protracted attempt to do so would not serve the best interests of the Class as a whole.

Have a look at the rest of this document (Policy on Illegal Weights) as well as the new Measurement Policy of the world’s most popular one-design keelboat.  Do you think it goes far enough?  Weigh in here.