rock the dock

It looks like Gutek is going to make it to Charleston in plenty of time for the final leg of the Velux 5 Oceans Race, and he’ll probably even make the Le Pingouin fundraiser/dock party “Rock The Dock” this Saturday night despite having a nonfunctional bowsprit and broken ribs. Come meet all the skippers at Sea Breeze Marina on Charleston’s harbor front with beer and snacks and live music, your admission ticket supports the team’s final push to an undefeated race, and you can get discounted online tickets here.

And speaking of music, it turns out that the thousands of dollars of HD equipment on the race boats fall flat compared to the great footage you can get from a GoPro HD on a carbon pole with some slick editing – we’re hoping for a 40 knot SW’ly to give him something really special to shoot enroute to La Rochelle.  Check out this footage from Le Pingouin’s Uruguay to Charleston leg.