frère jacques,dormez-vous?

The brothers Peyron take some time out from conquering the IMOCA world and raising money for the French Energy Team AC challenger to get some training time in at the helm of twin DNA A-Cats.  Shot by Christophe Launay/
Sealaunay.com and check out more in the Energy Team thread here.  The latest update from Le Telegramme promised news weeks ago from this most promising of the French tire-kickers, but all is quiet on the Frankish front.  

The update was translated in the forums by “moody frog,” and reads, “Bruno has been doing wonders while I was at sea and I must say that I have been very impressed by my brother in these last six months. He did an incredible job. Now, The Cup, it’s a tough job. In France more than anywhere else, with a difficult economic situation. The clock ticks and all lights are not green. Only one month left. But, if there is a team in France which may and must succeed that’s us, no doubt! There is no other team ….. just names, and names have never been enough to build a team. The good news are that on the sport side, technical side, design side and even financial side, we’ll be able to announce very promising things within a few days. I cannot imagine that I shall not be in the next Cup.” I guess on va voir…