‘lame’ is the answer

The past decade has seen the racing community vote with their mice as they’ve almost universally chosen Sailing Anarchy as the place they go every day for news, entertainment, and information about their favorite sport.  Despite our clear victory over the other US racing website with even a fraction of our traffic, we can’t help but point out the never-ending flaws of a publication that once provided good information under its founder’s eye, but has long since become nothing but a copy-and-paste joke mixed with advertising disguised as news.

Check out the new scuttledbutthead t-shirts – not only are they emblazoned with maybe one of the least original slogans that’s ever existed in the world of t-shirt marketing (BLANK is not the answer…BLANK is the question…YES is the answer), they are a great example of how bad it’s become and this apparently is what passes for creativity from the one man band over there.

And while it’s good that they will be able to donate 20 bucks to breast cancer for the two shirts they sell, we get the whiff of patronizing. It goes with the territory.