cup chat, baby cup chat The opening dialogue of the Cup Chat by their first guest Tom Ehman, shows that the GGYC is taking the PR bull by the horns, and set the entertaining tone for the rest of the evening.

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cup chat, baby cup chat

Jeremy Leonard from Surf City Racing talks AC PR…

The opening dialogue of the Cup Chat by their first guest Tom Ehman, shows that the GGYC is taking the PR bull by the horns, and set the entertaining tone for the rest of the evening. Tom Ehman: “You’re allowing Sailing Anarchy to stream this live?” Marcus Young: “We ARE allowing Sailing Anarchy to stream this live. I thought with you here we’d be safe.”

With the America’s Cup spotlight coming into sharp focus on the Golden Gate Yacht Club, they proved that they’re not afraid by inviting us into their hallowed halls to live stream the hilarious and very well put together Speaker Series: Cup Chat, A Revolution of Sailing. These types of Speaker Series events can typically be dry and uninspiring, but this one produced by the GGYC was far from dull. At no time during the show did I feel like nodding off; bored to tears by your typical blue blazer talking head with a microphone.

On the topic of your typical Speaker Series Marcus Young, Staff Commodore of the GGYC, nailed it. “It’s kind of like going to McDonalds, you know exactly what you’re going to get.  There’s really not a whole lot of variation. We wanted to do a Speaker Series, but we wanted it to be interesting.” This show was unlike anything that you’ve ever seen produced by a YC. It was really good, and some of the information was hot off of the AC presses, which you can bet will be highlighted in subsequent events at the GGYC.

Hartmann Studios  set up a stage that looked just like the set set of a late night TV show, complete with a band lead by GGYC Member Cyril Guiraud, Emcee and Club IT Guy James ‘The Voice’ Byers, and Marcus working the desk. Several guests, from the spectrum of the world of sailing, were invited up onto the stage to ‘chat’ with Marcus and included, A-Cup spokesman Tom Ehman, super PRO Peter ‘Luigi ‘Reggio, US Sailing Team member and SCOTW Genny Tulloch, and Bruno Trouble, long-time A Cup sponsor Louis Vuitton.  As far as the nuts and bolts of what was said during the Cup Chat, go to the OTWA Channel and view the entire show.

The Cup Chat was organized and executed by the PR powerhouse and GGYC member Ellen Hoke who describes her PR style as ‘having a vision’ and ‘rogue’. The rouge part is how I got invited to come in and stream the event. Ellen didn’t get much time to view the show live due to her organizational role, but after the event she caught our live stream and was pleased that it came off so well.  She attributes the positive outcome to the fact that, “…all of the people involved were sailors. I think that it takes sailors to get things done.” Marcus Young adds, “We’re really overwhelmed and humbled by the support for the show… The Club and Oracle Racing just let us play and it came off so well.”  So well, indeed.

Tickets to the Cup Chat were put up for sale and the GGYC sold 100 tickets overnight after they made the announcement on their Facebook page. The entire event completely sold out in less than 48 hours, an example of the energy and buzz in the air over the AC here in NorCal…and it’s only going to get stronger as the Cup approaches.

For me, the Cup Chat was the first time that the excitement over the next America’s Cup was centered at the GGYC. Sure there have been Cup parties and receptions at the City Hall, but this time it was different. AC 33 is over with, and the Cup Chat felt like a symbolic kick-off; the beginning of the AC 34 here in The Bay.

Despite becoming a household name within the sailing world, the GGYC really does have a homegrown feel.  Virtually every single one of the people that I interacted with during my time there were sailors that I had either sailed with or against at one point or another, so you can rest assured that every decision made at the club will be from a sail-centric perspective.

Stay tuned for more Cup Chat events produced by the rogue PR team at the GGYC. If the stars are aligned, I’ll be broadcasting again with my lovely assistant, and youngest full member of the GGYC, Kristen Walthour. You may want to go friend GGYC on Facebook, so that you can have first crack at the limited number of seats. The next few events will be announced shortly and there will be even more and varied guests. Stay tuned; OTWA West will be there to stream live!