little help? This year the StFYC will be hosting over 200 kids from around the world for the Techno 293 Youth Worlds. 


little help?

This year the StFYC will be hosting over 200 kids from around the world for the Techno 293 Youth Worlds.  The kids will be racing off the city front July 19-24.  The StFYC is supplying the venue, infrastructure and wind,  They are asking volunteers to help round out the organization and planning in order to make this a successful event and bring international windsurfing regattas back to the USA. 

We all know that windsurfing on the San Francisco Bay is a unique experience – and now we have a chance to share this experience with the next generation of board-heads.  To make it a great experience we need help over the course of the regatta to provide:

-5 whaler drivers every day (boats provided!)
-5 whaler crew every day
-10 race committee members every day
-3 beach marshals every day
**Homes/hosts for international judges and VIPs
**Homes/hosts for any visiting sailors and their families 

The National Park Service – while supportive of windsurfing/kiting – has instituted new/stricter rules for running events at Crissy Field.  One of the new rules is to provide Beach Marshals whose job it will be to make sure both the sailors/competitors and the non-sailing locals can enjoy the venue together.  As you can imagine that with 200 competitors,we will need a few people on the beach to manage the ‘traffic flow’ from the rigging area to the water and back.   

There are several judges and international Techno 293 class reps that will becoming to help run the regatta.  At other venues, they have been hosted by the organizing committees.  Who out there can offer a room (or two) for the week July/17-24 or so?  The closer to the City Front the better –but all offers are welcome.   

Also– how many couches have you stayed on in your windsurfing travels?  There will be a number of sailors, teams (and families…) traveling from around the world that would love to hang with the locals, instead of being stuffed into a hotel on Lombard. 

Any couches (or boats to tie up at the StFYC?) Compensation will be a lunch and a thank you, but in reality the fun you have and the memories you will help provide to the kids will be priceless! 

Lastly – if anyone has ideas for give-aways (anything!) or sponsorship ($$$) please let us know. Get involved and sign up soon.  The sooner you commit the more time the organizing committee will have to get on with the planning. 

More info about the event can be found here. If you can help, please contact the St Francis Yacht Club race office at [email protected].

Steve Bodner