local knowledge


To all of you Anarchists out there here is a little video put together by some Indiana boys. This video of a Gambit cruising Wawasee Lake is a home built two seater that is very close to a DN. It is great for the young ones that don’t quite have enough Ballast or Experience to go out on there own, momma likes it too! 

The crew in this video have never soloed a sailboat before. A father and son team that has brought their snowmobile helmets with them for a Christmas visit. Little did they know all the snow would melt and the only throttle they would hold is called a sheet. An eight to ten knot wind perfect to reach speeds of 40 – 50 mph with out the fear of raising a skate off the ice. As you can see the conditions were awesome that day and fun was had by all. Nothing better to keep you happy all summer long when the water gets soft.  – Anarchist Andy

ps – you never have to worry about your beer getting warm!