rattle and hum

rattle and hum

From our friend Josh Tucker from NZ..

We raced the 20 year old 26fter,Rattle n Hum, considered an inshore sports boat by most, we took it on the 350 nm White Island Race .

We did great and were smoking the fleet however the 2 boats that got in before the wind shut down (Elliot 30 canter overload and Eliott 1050 Gale force) managed to beat us on handicap, it took us 5 hrs to do the last 1nm! We still had a blinder and gave some bigger boats a solid trashing.

Also incorporated in the movie is ‘the amazing adventures of Deloris’ it’s a long story but to sum it up, Deloris is the mascot/dick of the day award on the davidson 55 Andiamo which fellow white island crew and good mate Damon and I did the Sydney Hobart on in 1997( he was 16 and I was 19!). She is awarded by nomination to the dick of the day who then has carry her around until she is nominated to someone else, this can get quite amusing and she has been part of some very messy occasions…. Damon and I got nominated Deloris last time we were down there for moving to Auckland (and for teaching them how to party again…..!) so we brought Deloris up North with us for a tour. This is the start of Deloris’s adventure…….

She got a bit violated but has forgiven us for our drunken antics and is ready to go on tour again.

Also worth noting that we dominated the Simrad 2 handed series in the Rattle n Rum on line and handicap as well, beating boats we shouldn’t have and really pissed a few people off even to the point of protesting us for our Code zero and PHRF cert compliance which we were squeaky clean as I knew. It’s been a good season for the boat. The boat is a sister ship to my last boat ‘Jagged Edge’ which I sold to make way for an 8.5m racing catamaran. Thought you might like this video I made of the 350nm white island race.