We love these kind of stories and we will be able to tell you first hand how it goes as we will be racing Anarchy against these guys in a couple of months.

This project initiated, as most do, after a few beers at the local yacht club. A good friend of mine who I have had the pleasure of sailing with over the last few years approached me to talk about his problem. He was stuck in a world of compromise.  

George Moll has owned and campaigned multiple boats ranging from an Open 5.70, Beneteau
10R, and Beneteau 49 over the past 4 years. The Open 5.70 has been a great cross training boat and has been perfect for competitive inshore OD racing however the other boats were always too much of a compromise for racing. Racing them in the light Southern California conditions was taking it’s toll on the fun factor. It was time to thin the fleet.

George approached me to help with choosing a new race boat for his program and after review of the current market (newer boats such as the J111, SC37, etc) we felt that the used market offered better options in this size & speed range for the expense. Factoring in taxes and all the other fees involved to get a new racing boat in the 36-37 foot range on the water……the $330,000+ range starts approaching really quick.

The primary platform needed to be offshore capable with short-handed point to point distance
racing being the primary focus. From prior experiences a sprit boat was also preferred due to
the simplicity for short-handed crewing. Seeing some of the modern IRC sprit boats such as the General Lee ripping along made us take a look at existing platforms that would really benefit from the added horsepower that a sprit and larger sized asymmetric kites have to offer.

After months of dialog the One Design 35 was chosen as a proven offshore platform that met the intended goals of the owner with the exception of a fixed bowsprit. Because of this we have added a fixed bowsprit to the boat. Other 1D35’s such as "Relentless" have had good success with
shorthanded distance racing under ORR winning the double-handed division in the 2008
Transpac and taking 2nd in their fleet. ("Relentless", One Design 35 modified, sailed by owner Tim Fuller and crewed by Erik Shampain actually won division 6 against fully crewed boats in 2009. We were duel scored against the other double handed boats. There were 3, one started with us and Pegasus Open 50 which started after us. We only corrected over the double handed boat that started on our start date. – Erik).

In addition the other Turbo’d 1D35 “Double Trouble” from San Francisco really showed the speed potential of the boat but we felt that the boat needed to go a step further without compromise.The project team consisted of the following:

  • Project Management / Boat Manager / Rigging: Rigtek (Eric Schlageter)
  • Sprit Engineering / Composites: Reichel Pugh Yacht Design
  • Sprit Builder Fitzgerald Racing: (Brad Fitzgerald)
  • Rig Modifications / FEA Analysis: Hall Spars
  • Performance Prediction Nelson Marek Yacht Design (Greg Stewart)

(The base boat still maintains the original specifications as the 1D35 OD with the following

Sailing Configuration: The spinnaker pole has been removed from the boat entirely and
the boat will sail with asymmetrical spinnakers under a sprit only configuration without the ability to pole back.

Bow Sprit: A fixed bowsprit has been added to the boat at a length of 5.13′ (3 feet longer than OD Rated SPL).

Mast: A new dual sheave box has been installed 3-feet higher than the OD Rated ISP. New hoist is still fractional but is only 1.5′ short of full masthead. New carbon structure was added to the mast tip to allow a fixed point for a 2:1 main halyard along with built in attachment points to incorporate top mast backstays.

Square Top Main: A square top main will be added to the boat to take advantage of the 1D35’s rig configuration with no backstay.

Bow sprit length and raised ISP dimensions were determined based upon attempting to
optimize the aspect ratio of the spinnakers with the sail designers. The One Design 35 has a
relatively short hoist under the OD configuration which creates overly low aspect spinnakers
(beach balls). Hall Spars provided FEA analysis on the rig to determine the maximum hoist we could go without requiring additional carbon reinforcement to the highly tapered mast tip and without the need to add top mast backstays. (We will add for extra insurance on long downwind offshore races).

Our first targeted race will be the Border Run where our team leads the way and has currently raised $6,185 to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Anyone interested in supporting the team and helping a great cause please go to this link and make sure you list the boat name “Misfit”.
Donations, small or large, is tax deductible and will help save a life.

I want to thank George, the entire project team and the professionals involved to make the project come together. It’s been a long journey to get where we’re at but we are all anxious to see what she’s got. See you guys in Newport. Ckick here for more pics.

Eric Schlageter