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sharp guys

This little report got us thinking that it would be good to hear from various classes in various regions to tell us what’s going on with your class. Do it.

Sadly, dwindling class sizes are starting to become all too common both in Australia and overseas. Young guys and gals have so many leisure options available to them these days that the number of teen sailors continues to dwindle. This trend is taking its toll on the strength of many sailing classes, with many classes falling by the wayside over recent years. Perhaps we have simply become complacent about sport in general with our modern, busy lives?

The Lightweight Sharpie Association of Western Australia have taken an aggressive and direct approach to putting "bums in boats" this year and the results have been surprising and exciting to say the least. 28 boats on the water for the State Championships is a huge improvement over last year and the event has generated a real "buzz" for the class in our local area. There has been plenty of interest from sailors in other classes (with many participating in loaned boats) so we are obviously doing something right. While it certainly isn’t easy, getting out there and actively supporting your class/club is the only way to keep sailing vibrant. Big thanks to our Association President, Craig Mann and everybody who contributed to the weekend.
See the action right here.

Oh and here is really why the Sharpies are the best! And this isn’t too bad either. -Anarchist Peter.