It’s starting to look like another golden age of the I14 is upon us in North America.  In Toronto (host of 2013 Worlds) we’ve been really pleased to see that Paul and others are addressing the high cost of new boats.   Locally, we’re been working on the same problem with Object 2 and Steve Killing.  The verdict is in – you can reduce the cost drastically without compromising performance.  The result is a new design, Introducing the Killing 3:

Our goals for the K3 were simple: faster and more affordable.  Some of its key features include:

  • New hull shape for superior performance
  • Advanced design for simple, clean rigging
  • Hull built around CST tubes for simple, accurate production
  • Designed in collaboration Alexander Sails and CST
  • Built by Clear Air, builder of championship C-Class Catamarans

"The International 14 is the most challenging small boat I have ever designed. There are two quite separate tasks in the project – the first is to shape a hull that will permit the crew to push it harder and therefore achieve maximum speed a greater percentage of the time. The second is to create hull deck and foredeck shapes that provide an efficient working platform, allow for variation in deck layout and most important, have a minimum number of parts for efficient manufacturing. We have designed the 3D shapes to permit exacting milling of master plugs for perfect fits and will add extra detailed, which is often still more efficient by hand. Once the masters are complete, molds will be fabricated for production. I look forward to working with the team throughout the project and on past the launch." – Steve Killing

The development of new designs and a more accessible fleet is the first step in the road map to the 2013 Worlds in Toronto.   There is a lot more going into this Championship that is going to make it great.   If you’re considering your next sailing project, the international 14 in North America is offering some spectacular results.   

Contact Chris Leigh and/or Jason Lemieux, organizers of the K3 build and Toronto Worlds, for more information on these projects.