what to do?

what to do?

We thought the community might be able to jump in here and offer some suggestions, other than "show us your tits."

Hello from Corfu Greece!. I would like to seek some knowledge on the refit my beloved "Barbarossa", a 1986 Jacques Faroux quarter tonner.

The previous owner was thought that she has a trawler, as you can see from the above photo!

I used to race with old IOR boats like "Big Greek Machine" (ex Williwaw), some X 3/4 tonners and i’m very nostalgic about these old designs.

My plan is to rebuild the boat in her old lines (no keel & rudder mods or mast replacement).

So if someone has any ideas, tips or plans on what I am looking do it would be helpful to have them contact me.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity!! – Anarchist
Dionisis. Suggestions, anarchists?