the deadliest match

the deadliest match

When the Volvo Ocean Race announced their Media Crew Member (MCM) program for the last VOR, we were happy campers.  We assumed that the teams and original MCMs would seize on the opportunity to create an 8-month long narrative with video, photo, and written words that would ensnare the interest of the world’s sailors and non-sailors alike.

Unfortunately, other than an aborted (after 3 episodes) made-for-internet Puma series, and some spectacular narrative storytelling from Mark Covell before Team Russia went walkabout, that’s not what we got.  Instead of great stories, we got hundreds of hours of high-speed, big wave sailing that successfully numbed most of us to ever being excited by onboard footage of VO70s hauling ass through big seas again.

Well, the folks at the VOR are looking to improve, and to shake things up; they know they need to move the MCM-created pieces away from the kind of sailing that few humans will ever see to human narratives that everyone can relate to.  It’s hard work – telling stories of people is much more difficult than showing boats sailing – but with Volvo and Deadliest Catch legend Rick Deppe moving from team member to VOR management as the MCM Coordinator, they’ve got a shot at creating something that transcends sailboat racing and engages the world’s adventure fans like never before.  And they’re looking for a few good brains to help.

So here’s the deal, and we’ll pass it over to Rick, as he requested when we spoke earlier today:

“I’m going to be running an MCM workshop at the end of March in London and Spain, and I’d like to reach out to the huge Sailing Anarchy community for submissions from those that would like to be considered.  Each submission must contain the following:

1. CV  
2. Cover letter
3. Some links to best work (featuring both video and stills).   

“We are looking for something a little different, language skills, life experiences and of course some attitude. MCMs are chosen by the each of the participating teams, but we want to get an idea of other people who might be out there. Talented people who have not been able to showcase their abilities to us or the teams, that way we can add to our database of potential MCMs for this race and the future. All submissions will be considered carefully.

“The deadline for submissions is 1700 CET on 28th February 2011 and if you or someone you know has got what it takes please submit to [email protected]

We humbly suggest that you apply even if you have limited video or photo experience.  The last thing this race needs is more videographers or photographers; it needs incredible, outside-the-box storytellers who are willing to learn the ins and outs of photo and video journalism.  In the meantime, have a look at these two pieces.  The first is a last-edition piece from aboard Telefonica Blue.  Note the lousy storytelling with amazing visuals that are far too familiar, because pretty much every nasty storm looks the same from aboard a boat. 


Then look at the second piece – technically kind of weak, and lacking the humor and music that will put it over the top, but a piece that helps you to get to know the characters involved in the Camper/ETNZ team set to a backdrop of a measurement process that we’ve never seen before, and that’s pretty interesting in itself.  This is the future, and we like it.

This should get your juices flowing – now go get a Volvo job!