hell yes, heineken

big pimpin’

hell yes, heineken

We can talk all we want about great race management, fun social events, and great competition, but when it comes to one single regatta that you just have to experience, look no further than the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta.  Never mind the racing; all you need to know is that you can charter anything you want or bring your own boat and race in huge fleets with crystal clear warm water and tradewinds.  But that’s not what the Heineken is about.

It’s about an island with a split personality, both of them party animals.  It’s about eating and drinking with thousands of people you feel like you know.  It’s about sweet, sweet music the likes of which you’ve definitely never heard at a regatta before – this year you’ll party with international superstars Wyclef Jean, Brainpower, Orange Grove, and some of Europe’s most famous DJs.  And most of all, the Heineken is about dancing until sunrise with gorgeous, half-naked girls, and racing the rest of the day without a nap.

There’s plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead.  So check the entry list, get your crew together, or get yourself a charter boat, and sail the Heineken while you can still dance.