high risk, high reward

high risk, high reward

Only two boats have made it to the dock in a bizarre trade-windless Pineapple Cup race, but what a story from the front!  Here was the post from this morning on the King’s Point Waterfront blog: 

68 Miles to go to Montego Bay, and Rambler is in sight! Pretty exciting for the crew to pull back the 65 mile lead they had on us a few days ago. Staying deep around the tip of Cuba and heading south has brought us much better breeze than we expected, though some grey clouds in the area have us worried. Making 10 knots to the west now with the A2 spinnaker up, and looking forward to finishing soon!

The crew (including USMMA cadets and some of the core members of the brand new All-American Offshore Team) reeled in Rambler and fought a light-air duel to the Montego Bay finish. Rambler pipped the kids by 25 minutes, but it’s one that both will no doubt remember.

These two boats – the wacky Genuine Risk and the supersized Volvo 70-style Rambler 100 (ex-Speedboat) have both faced tons of criticism for some shabby results over the years, but we imagine the faces on board both of ‘em were smiling after such an exciting end to one of the planet’s greatest races.  And we look forward to seeing more battles like this in the future. 

Track the rest of the fleet here, and check out the results here.