too much monster?

monster garage

too much monster?

We love the Monster Garage stories where you anarchists tell us about what’s in your garage (and if you have one, send it in!) but apparently not everyone love ’em the way we do…Props to The Daily Pilot.

I once had a neighbor who made a living as a tree trimmer. And every so often, he would dig up an unwanted but valuable tree — usually some kind of palm — and plant it haphazardly in his front yard. His property turned into a mismatched forest of odd trees, the new arrivals taking the place of the ones he sold whenever he was short on cash, which was often. The tree trimmer’s property became very quirky and very un-Irvine, which was part of the reason I moved to Eastside Costa Mesa. I liked the character — and characters — of the neighborhood.

Live and let live with no homeowner associations in sight. That’s why I don’t get the small but spirited backlash against Dennis Holland, who lives in my neck of the woods though on a ribbon of land that belongs to Newport Beach. Read on.