the boston marathon of sailing?

the boston marathon of sailing?

We prefer to think of the Pineapple Cup as the Baja 500, frankly.  Fast, out of control, and full of bumps.  Early forecast is not so bumpy, but this race never ends without at least one gnarly bit!  Truly one of the legendary ocean races, and a shame that more boats don’t do this ultimate sleigh ride.  This update from perennial Great Lakes multihull superstar Matt Scharl, keep an eye on the thread for more as the race start is this weekend.

Leaving Chicago’s snow for the ocean blue, sailing on Bodacious 3, a Baltic 50, from Fort Lauderdale Saturday afternoon on a race to Jamaica, the race is called the Pineapple Cup, one of the classics, think of it as a Boston marathon of sailing. 

The boat is fast, but likes downwind windy conditions the most, unfortunately the forecast is for lighter winds at least for the first few days, we’ll see; anything can happen is boat racing.

The race is 811 miles long and should take about 4 days, great course in and around the Bahamas Islands, just past the east end of Cuba and downwind to Jamaica.

Race tracking and other info will be found here.  Entry list (12 at last count up to 100 feet) is here.  Wish us luck!