on tour


on tour

We have given major props to the folks behind Oman Sail for turning conventional wisdom on its head in their mission to bring the sport of sailing to a nation where it never existed before.  They’ve been wildly successful both at spreading the word to potential tourists of Oman’s amazing landscape and cruising grounds as well as their other mission; teaching and mentoring thousands of young Omanis as they learn how great sailing is.

And while the Extreme 40s will be back in Muscat for the 2011 season, much of the program has changed, with the new Sailing Arabia Tour– a small, Gulf Coast version of the Tour De France – taking center stage in Farr 30s.  Six of the workhorses are racing the second leg as we speak, including perennial top Tour De France winners Nouvelle Caledonie, with nearly everything reported via Facebook; tracking, interviews, reports, photos…everything.  Like we said – these guys are innovators and we enjoy their work whenever we can.

In yet another ‘first’ for the team that brought you the first Omani circumnavigator, the first Omani to compete in a major racing circuit, and numerous other groundbreaking feats in the world of Middle Eastern sailing, meet the lovely Layla Mohsin, the first female from the Gulf states to take part in an offshore yacht race. May she be the first of many, and for her courage at taking on a man’s game in a man’s part of the world, she’s our Sailor Chick of the Week.