summertime in wintertime

where are they?

summertime in wintertime

Anarchist Scott shares his old school passion…

I have spent the past year restoring a San Francisco Bay 1/4 ton boat, Summertime Dream.  This boat was designed by Carl Shumacher and built by Dennis Choate in 1979. It won the nationals in 79 and 80 and for many years had a competitive and successful career. Like all of Carl’s designs, it was a wonderful boat to sail, always in control and fast. There are many people in the bay area, including myself who sailed on this boat and had many wonderful experiences racing it.

Here are some pictures of the end results of my restoration project.  Going out on the boat again put a big smile on my face. I did not modify the boat and have kept the boat in IOR configuration including skinny little mast, runners and checks. It makes for single-handed gybing an interesting experience