weather webinar

weather webinar

The first of a series of online seminars or "webinars" on how to navigate weather, begins this coming Saturday. Led by Bill Biewenga with guest speakers, including Phil Lee from Cay Electronics, Mark Freeberg from Ocens), Jim Corenman from SailMail and Rick Garrison from KVH, the forthcoming series will be about offshore communication techniques and how to read and make sense of the weather.

The first two sessions are designed to help virtually any offshore sailor, whereas the final two may have particular appeal for anyone intending to compete in the Marion to Bermuda race, as the climatology and conditions that can be expected during the race will be used as an example. 

The webinars are shaping up to be great for people who want to learn about offshore weather; how to download the data, analyze it and effectively use that data. 

The first of the series is on Saturday February 5th for two hours starting at 10 am and addresses the latest communication options and how to get weather information onboard. The second session, discussing how to read weather maps and weather signs will be on March 12th.

Available at your convenient in the comfort of your own home! Don’t miss this Saturday’s webinar! For more information and to sign up, visit here or here  www.weather4sailors.com and . There are also a couple of sample seminars on the site from the last run a couple of years ago – . 

Note: Bill Biewenga is one of America’s most accomplished offshore sailors, having accumulated some 400,000 sea miles including 37 transatlantic crossings, several TransPacs, numerous record attempts, deliveries and races, as well as participation in four round the world races. Christophe Launay provides the onboard shot above of Kialoa during a delivery in 1990