anarchy on the bay

anarchy on the bay

San Francisco Bay’s Three Bridge Fiasco (3BF) continues to grow for 2011, and with nearly 400 boats it becomes the biggest single race in the United States.  It also is testament to the fact that the best way to increase participation isn’t accredited PROs and 5-race-a-day windward/leeward courses; instead, grass roots programs and races designed to be fun and exciting are what it’s all about.

For those of you who don’t know, the 3BF is a government-mark race that allows the racers – and they’re all single or doublehanded – to pick either a clockwise or counterclockwise route around the day-long course.  It results in serious traffic issues that keep things interesting, and with a growing fleet for the past 5 years, interesting is clearly a good thing!

With the huge fleet this year things get even crazier, and how about throwing 30 swimmers into the mix?  Good times. 

Great report of the chaotic skipper’s meeting at NorCalSailing here, and check out the thread for more info, including the YouTube video of winning skipper Scott Easom’s track last year.