mark your calenders


mark your calenders

How nice is it that the title of this piece doesn’t refer to a Cup court case?

Actually, it refers to the official dates for the 34th Cup, which were released the other day along with the Louis Vuitton Cup schedule.  Those of you looking to book a rental for the duration should grab the two months starting July 13, 2013 and go through the 23rd of September.  As does everything with the AC, the announcement – and the language it uses – has already generated plenty of debate in America’s Cup Anarchy.  Check out the thread here, and thanks to German Cup aficionado Rennmaus for the tip.

In other Cup venue news, you might be surprised to know that San Francisco is no longer America’s gayest city, though the Advocate magazine may revise the 11th place spot for the Golden Gate city when enough sailors in brightly colored foulies descend on the waterfront after a hard day watching sailboat racing.

It’s also not the friendliest place in the world according to Travel and Leisure and we can bet that hosting a months-long Larry Ellison party run by a Yacht Club ain’t gonna do much for that reputation!

Meanwhile, DogZilla (and we love when major international newspapers like El Mundo use nicknames created on Sailing Anarchy) will be loaded on the Star Isselford this weekend for the month-and-change long journey to San Francisco.  There’s a chance she’ll sail, but right now the smart money has her anchoring the main pier on the hard as a semi-permanent shoreside exhibit in the style of KZ-1 on the Auckland Viaduct.  Sounds pretty cool to us, though we’d sure like a ride if she goes out….

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