happy birthday

race report

happy birthday

Leukemia Cup / 51st Annual AYC Birthday Regatta

This year’s event saw 11 Viper 640’s on the start line collectively from CA, TX, and AZ! Also, for the first time this year,  the Viper’s were racing on Friday. The fleet relished in what turned out to be quite a big breeze day with the everyone enjoying some pretty hot downhill rides!

We got in 4 races that Friday in breezes that were in the mid to high teens with an occasional puff slightly higher. Our boat was particularly light in crew weight as our driver opted to help coach on a different boat from SoCal area. However, what we lacked in upwind speed and weight for hiking, we more than made up for in downwind speed on the entire fleet. Blasting along in the mid teens, with one boat recording 16 knots downwind! We had our share of wipe outs that day, but so did some of the other folks in the fleet. Not to worry though, nothing was broken and everyone learned a thing or two about quick recovery. You can bet that we all came back to the dock with "perma-grins" and stories to tell that night too!

I’d have to say though, one of the highlights of the regatta was having our East Coast Viper friends out from the Marblehead, MA area, Dan Tucker (new Viper Class Pres.) and his better half Maureen McKinnon Tucker! Not only did they get to escape the colder weather for a few days, but they were able to take out a Viper that one of the local AZ folks lent them. It was fun to have them both out on the water together and truly inspiring. A great Saturday on the water led up to Maureen’s talk at the tent that evening which ended in an eruption of clapping coupled with a well deserved standing ovation. Go the Mo!

Both Saturday and Sunday saw lighter breeze, maxing out at about 8-10 Sunday morning with the average of both days being only single digits. That said, we got in 10 races over three days and the temps were in the 70’s making sailing in shorts, shirts and flip flops quite nice for January. Congratulations to Juan Mauri and Jeff Jones who came out as the top two teams making it a 1, 2 Texas win for the overall regatta with Drew Harper and crew coming in 3rd overall.

As the Viper fleet continues to grow in numbers on the West Coast, we hope to have 20 on the line for Long Beach Race Week this year! In the mean time, come say hello to us at our next regatta in Mission Bay on February 19th & 20th!

Hope to see you on the water~