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first to market

Isn’t it amazing that in 2011 there still isn’t a single iPhone/iPad App that delivers great sailboat racing content to the world?  Shit – the New York Times – not the most rapid responder on the block – launched the NYT app in AUGUST 2008!  Wall Street Journal, 2009.  Wired Magazine, 2009.  Men’s Health, Maxim, Autoweek, GQ, Vanity Fair, Video Games, Dirt Bike, WWE, AARP…the list is literally thousands of titles long. Hell, even multiple sailing magazine owner Bonnier created a magazine app for their titles back in June 2010 – it seems they just forgot to tell the folks at Cruising World and Sailing World about it! Wankers.

Well, on January 1st, after months in development, longtime UK sailing journalist and racer Justin Chisholm decided to fix that glaring omission, and launched Sail Racing Magazine – an interactive, digital monthly e-zine available for download to the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch via a purpose-built and attractive App on the iTunes store, as well as via your browser for PC & Mac users.  Chisholm wasn’t trying to compete with anything in the market today, because frankly, there isn’t anyone doing what he did. 

“This isn’t a ‘daily news’ magazine,” he told us.  “We know you can get regatta reports, results, and piles of photos all over the web these days, sometimes just hours after a race.”  Instead, Justin’s vision is a combination of slick multimedia content (including embedded interviews, videos and high-resolution slide shows from the top photographers in the game), the kind of long-form journalism that’s evaporated from much of the sailing media over the past decade, and insightful columns from those who aren’t afraid to speak their mind.  His writers include AC expert Bob Fisher, Olympic correspondent Andy Rice, top coaches Morgan Reeser and Mark Rushall, and many more top folks that are a joy to read.  He even signed up SA’s own Alan Block as his US correspondent and columnist.

With an impressive first issue already under his belt and clearly well positioned to take full advantage of the iTunes low-cost global distribution channel, Chisholm might well have hit on a winning formula. Certainly if the rave review given to Sail Racing Magazine by the normally hard-to-please Magnus Wheatley on his Rule69Blog is anything to go by, then Chisholm could just have a runaway success on his hands. See what the Anarchists are already saying about it here

Download from the App Store here, or go to www.sailracingmagazine.com for the browser version