crackin’ good day

crackin’ good day

The time zones put us in a weird place for the Moth Worlds, with Day 3 taking place as we go to press.  But here’s the Day 2 action as told by Matt Knowles, and be sure to check the latest on the thread to see what’s happening in more or less real time.  Photo of broken boom from Matt, photo of Swedish sailor biting it hard from Thierry Martinez.

Despite the forecast for 10-15 knots and dying, the wind cranked up today. Sustained speed was probably in the high teens with some gusts up to 25 and above. We started off on the outer trapezoid course, meaning we had a wild reach across the top. Was having a pretty solid race until I blew a tack and the boat ended up turtled upside down with the bow facing downwind.

In the second race I was nearing the finish and had two gybes left when the breakage gods decided to send their wrath upon me again. The finish line is set so deep that it can only be crossed on port. If you are understood on port, as I was, you have two gybes to do to finish. The first was OK, but as I was running out of space I had to force the second and do it on top of a nasty set of waves. The front foil came out mid gybe and I pitchpoled. As I was righting the boat I heard a loud crack. My boom had broken right in the middle. I actually managed to swim the boat around to face the right direction and got the boat to foil across the finish line by holding the clew of the sail in my hand while trying to hike. However in the process I lost about 5 boats — those were points I needed very badly. And of course I had to DNF the next race, burning my throwout.

Forecast for tomorrow is even windier. I need three solid races to assure a place in Gold fleet. Now it’s time to execute.

And here’s how the Zhik Moth TV folks saw it: