dog day

dog day

Whether you agree with the Olympic selection of the Women’s Match Racing event or not, it’s pretty sweet to have three women’s teams that are so evenly matched that any one of them can win a major event.  And thanks to some great content from rock star Genny Tulloch and super accomplished Anna Tunnicliffe along with Sally Barkow’s great history, it’s safe to say that, for us at least, it’s probably the only thing we’ll pay attention to at the upcoming Miami OCR.  You’ve got the ultimate athleticism and a team that really knows itself in Team Tunnicliffe, the brilliance and passion of Team Tulloch, and the veteran knowledge and wily experience of Team Barkow.  Girl on girl on girl – what’s not to love? Here’s a report from Genny from down in Key Biscayne

Unfortunately our day of racing did not go as we’d planned or hoped.  With lighter breeze we were happy to face Team Barkow for the last decider race in the semi-finals, but after being slightly early in the start we were able to catch up on the first downwind, but not enough to overtake them in the choppy Sunday on the Key Biscayne bay conditions.  From there Sally’s team was on a roll and went on to beat Team Tunnicliffe 3-0 in the finals.

We raced Becca Dellenbaugh and her new team in the Petit-finals, and while they gave us a good fight we were able to prevail 2-0.  The good news is we got some great bronze medals to make a new collar for Scout! (See attached).  And we were off the water by 2 PM and debriefed by 3 so have finally gotten to do a good grocery shop!

We now have a day off and then are straight into a 3-day USSTAG camp, with our three teams plus the top British team for four more good days of training in preparation for the Miami Olympic Classes Regatta at the end of the month.  Looking forward to getting into the nitty gritty fine art of match racing this week!

We’d like to thank all the RC, members and staff of the Key Biscayne YC for putting on a great regatta for the US teams this weekend and for welcoming the international teams for the rest of the month.  We’d also like to thank USSTAG and its sponsors, as well as Sail Sheboygan and Rich for the great fleet of Elliots we race on.  As the competitors said today, it’s so great that after a hard day of racing we come in and help each other haul the boats out together (and then maybe go share a beer at the bar).  There’s great camaraderie between the teams and it really helps to have someone like Rich for us all to go to for answers on the boats.  We’ll check in again before racing begins at Miami OCR on January 24.

Sail on,
Genny, Alice, and Jenn