There is a thread posted yesterday about photographer Matias Capizzano rescuing some 29er sailors at the Worlds in Argentina. Actually the story is much more sinister than that.

An ARG was hired to be the coach/support for the Chilean 29er team. He rented a rib from a local fisherman and when he was on the water, the engine died. He was being towed in by a RC support boat and when they hit the channel entrance, they both flipped. The ARG/CHI coach had had his appendix out like 2 days earlier in BsAs. On the way in, Capizzano (who grew up here and was the head Opti coach for many years) saw the guys were in distress and jumped in to save them. Both went to the hospital and both are ok.

The fisherman then demanded with threats $3500 from the Chilean sailors to the point of some pushing/shoving & they brought their thugs in as well. The Chileans were truly scared and didn’t sail yesterday because of the threats. The Chilean embassy is now involved.

I saw the Chileans this morning (i’ll post a video interview of them tonight) and they’re back on the water. It looks like the problem may be resolved now. BTW – no 29ers flipped in the entrance.