a good man

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a good man

Fantastic to see you cover Peter Wilson and Aldeburgh Boatyard following the fire (see ‘rise above‘, lower on this page. – ed). Few realize how
much Peter puts into the sport.

Late June 1010 the 8m ‘If’ was sailed on her bottom as they say by Peter to the Kings Cup in
Flensburg, North Germany, some distance up the North Sea, where she distinguished herself in at
least one race! At the end of the week Peter put to sea again for Cowes and the Cowes Classics
where she won one of the Metre Class Trophies, only to return Aldeburgh to compete in the local
club regatta.

In addition to ‘IF’ Peter has built himself a modern 8 ‘Ganymede’ which was launched 2008 for the
Clyde Worlds, whose sails where sadly lost in the fire. When I say built himself I mean it this man
works hands on.

A few more people with this kind of commitment and we would have an even better sport. – Anarchist Ivan