morc rules, 2

morc rules, 2

We love when stories beget more stories and the IOR/MORC stories have certainly done that. Here designer Alan Andrews comments…

MORC boats sure make more sense to resurrect than old IOR Ton Cuppers!  Even though both rules promoted heavier boats than we enjoy today, the MORC boats didn’t have the terrible distortions of point measured IOR midsections, girth stations and more.  The result is they sail better in a lot of conditions, including a breeze downwind. 

“Motel Jet” was taken to Dencho where the caved in side was fixed.  We had designed a new fin/bulb keel for the sistership “Saint Vitus Dance” a few years earlier so a keel of that design was cast to replace the bent one and a new rudder built as well.  The result was “Miss Informed” which Richard Whitely sailed successfully for many years out of Alamitos Bay.  A year or so ago it was donated to the Newport Sea Base and the Sea Scouts have been racing in the Newport Beach area. 

“Bondi Tram” was originally “Freestyle”, built for the 1989 MORC Internationals in Sarnia where she finished 2nd in class to sistership “FLAK”.  Good fun boats, too bad the rule couldn’t figure out how to fairly rate the new lighter boats against the heavier boats the early versions bread.

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