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Anarchist ‘ajax’ shares his view on our world-famous forums.  From here.

I am about 10 hours into a 12 hour shift this evening. It’s New Year’s Day, and we haven’t had a single trouble call. Due to extreme boredom, I have allowed myself to de-evolve in the following manner:

Started reading Cruising Anarchy- Upright-walking bi-ped of about average intelligence, with reasonable oral and written communication skills.

Then Sailing Anarchy- Upright-walking bi-ped hominid, capable of speech and elaborate cave drawings. Sloped forehead with thick brow ridges. Unstable, prone to outbursts of profanity.

General Anarchy- Hunch-backed bi-ped, equally comfortable moving about on all fours or two legs. Physical similarities to Jakarta Man and Java man are striking. Communicates primarily in grunts, the most coherent words spoken are "Friday", "PUI" and "bewbies".

Political Anarchy- Hops about on all fours, small cranial capacity, small, sharp teeth for tearing through the jugulars of anyone offering a dissenting opinion. Useless tail. Communicates primarily through howls and slapping the forest floor while jumping around excitedly. Hunts in packs, seems to enjoy covering itself in mud and/or feces and throwing same at others. (I managed to not contribute to, or start a thread in PA)

Ok, if you participate in PA I apologize but personally, I try to stay out of there because it’s just too shrill and uncompromising for me, and I’d rather be sailing. Man, I can’t wait to be done for the evening.