morc rules?

morc rules?

Oh look, one of the ten people who still remember MORC comments on the
ior blows post from yesterday.

finally something good comes out of the god awful IOR period, a post on MORC (Midget Ocean Racing Club, for those who don’t have enough gray hair to know the design rule).

I do know of one restoration project on an Andrews 26 "Motel Jet", that was put on the rocks by a delivery skipper in California about 14 years ago on the way from Ventura, CA to Long Beach race week. Unfortunately, it was my boat.

I remember well the phone call from the CA Highway Patrol telling me of the event (details deleted for the sake of bad memories of a realllly bad hangover)and thinking, well let’s go see the damage.

Needless to say, the boat was caved in on the port side as I climbed aboard to make sure the brand new Ullman Sail program was intact (that hurt, never got to put them up for race). Rudder post was bent 75 degrees and to make matters worse, I was on a dry stand next to the TransPac fleet Maxis getting prepped for the race. A lot of free rum was dolled out to me that day…… Thank you Windswept crew (remember that Monster?)

I sold Motel Jet for salvage and walked away figuring, this is a waste management project, and figured "I am transferring to Texas, so I will call my racing career over". (Bret Farve experience?)

A couple of years later I hear that the boat is back out in Long Beach racing and doing great. A guy, who to this day I don’t know and who had the nuts and knowledge to restore Motel Jet,put it on the water, back in in racing mode. (contact me if you know who you are!) MORC boats, tough, tough scantlings were required and is a testament to a good design rule. (Bear with me here)

After my transfer I had a 60’s flashback experience (for you older racers out there this was one of those "what the fuck was I doing" experiences after eating that sugar cube…) and decided, Oh well what the hell, lets take a look at what’s out there!

Low and behold on Sept. 1, 2001 I see an Andrews 30 for sale in Detroit, MI with a great Maxi MORC pedigree (that is a 30′ boat that was the maximum design LOA allowed under the rule).

So I get delayed for a month to schedule a look-see, due to 9-11, and finally get to Detroit airport, dive into the cab to head out for Bayview YC, with my Pakistani driver, Akim (who knew you pronounced BVYC, Ba WUU YAA Cube, in Pakistani) finding the club after a CondeNest travelers experience1 1/2 hours later (but god bless Akim, he hung in there and comped the ride!)

To make a really long story short, this is the result…."Bondi Tram" an Alan Andrews 30 Maxi MORC that is still racing in Kemah, Texas and still is the "little damn boat you can’t beat in light-to-moderate wind".

Messed with the keel, messed with their heads with an updated rudder and went carbon fiber crazy with the deck and running gear and tiller post.

The boat is going into a donation program now after many years of racing in Galveston Bay and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico (yes folks, MORC required offshore capability for overnight racing). And hope the college racing program has as much fun as we did. I sometimes think (of course who cares) tha MORC was a precursor to the sportboats of today. Affordable, high performance (think technology of the era) and cutting edge design.

MORC, what a bang for the buck!

Oh, by the way, Bondi Tram is Aussie for roller coaster..So, "Board the Tram, Head for the Beach, and Hang on Tight".

Thanks for the MORC post bud, we are now far and few between.