ior blows

reader rant

ior blows

We have gotten more response to our where are they now series than almost anything we have done. Yet there is always someone who just doesn’t get it. We’ll have another great where are they now tomorrow for the rest of you.

I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want to or promote the restoration of anything built to the IOR rule.  The boats were at best tender, difficult to control and frankly not all that fast. On the other end of the spectrum they were nothing more than an abomination.  By comparison boats built to the MORC rule were far superior.  Take a look at any top notch fixed keel racer of the last decade and you can see its heritage in anything BUT IOR.

But alas, as much as the SA community appreciates the efforts in futility of a misguided restoration of a boat not worthy I’m afraid you won’t find any charity cases or dumpster rescue of a retired MORC yacht, because of course those boats are still out on the water.