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whale tales

A while back we ran this little classified promotion on the front page:

Wow, do we love this e-mail:
Please remove the ad for the Hobie 33 as the boat has been sold. The ad was listed on Thursday, the boat was sold by Thursday eve to a young sailor from Oakville who took advantage of the very low price. I got at least 15 emails form prospective buyers, there is no doubt that SA is the only way to sell sailboats. Best regards, and keep up the good work.

Then we received this e-mail: Your classified article  has a connection to the story below – the ‘young sailor who bought the Hobie 33’ is my son, Thomas, who sailed some 1000 miles in the Falcon Gt with me – now he has some hot training wheels, thanks to SA classifieds. What an amazing thing this community is…

Voyage of the Falcon GT from Whangarei NZ to Niue and return.

The 46 foot alloy Falcon GT sailed from Toronto Canada to NZ via Cape Town, Melbourne, and Coffs Harbour  to Whangarei  New Zealand  in 08/09 via the Atlantic Oceans, Southern Ocean, Tasman Sea and in August and September 2010 on to the island of Niue in the South Pacific.

Niue is a Southern summer  home  for the endangered  humpback whales to give birth and mate. The Falcon GT volunteered for whale researchers to document whale behavior to collect data on what they do and where they do it. 3700 nm round trip. The whale famous Olive Andrews runs the research show and the island entertainment – she is an accomplished female version of Van Morrison.

Fia Fia aka Happy from Niue formed a Niuean government supported organization ‘ Oma Tafua –to Treasure Whales’ to support whale research and develop guidelines for human interaction with whales. They are very well known regionally having interacted with other whale refuges on Tonga and the Cook Islands.

An amazing sight occurred during the Falcon GT stay in Niue when the 73’ NZ waka – catamaran- Te Matau arrived with a South Pacific crew from Vanuatu, Tonga, Fiji and the Cook Islands,  sailing, navigating, and eating  traditionally from NZ to Tahiti and back West to Niue, Tonga and Samoa. Dieter the owner of the superyacht Foftein is sponsoring  this plus 6 other wakas each identified with a South Pacific island to foster traditional cultures. Quite an unbelievable sight when one recalls Captain Cook used these same methods of navigation to explore these islands.
Another blast was meeting the crew of the Infinity out of the US  – Seatribe Infinity – google them – looking for excitement – check them out.

One last observation of something unexpected  – the Falcon GT crews of 4 and 5 were strangers  and ended up like buddies in combat – especially when the sharks circled  – now we have new family members.
The NZ – Niue – NZ voyage is on www.svfalcongt.com

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