top ten list!

syd hob

top ten list!

Anarchists have already created the top ten excuses that WO will come up with as to why they should not be penalized:

  1. We called you on the sat phone but you did not answer so not our fault
  2. We are professionals here and that rule is for the punters
  3. We were too busy updating Facebook and Twitter.
  4. HF is so old fashioned (nobody could work it and we left the manual at home)
  5. Everything got wet (but because we not a 40 footer we don’t have to retire to Eden)
  6. We hit the boat’s credit card limit on the downloads so we could not send you an email
  7. Lard was downloading an e-mail from Larry
  8. We did radio in but could not hear any confirmation with the noise from the engine.
  9. None of you will be playing on my Island next year
  10. But, we’re Wild Oats…

Got an excuse you’d like to add to the list?

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