back to newport

back to newport

The tug-of-war between the Newport and San Francisco cup bids is surprisingly suspenseful with just 4 days left until the choice required by the AC34 Protocol must be made.  Outgoing SF mayor Gavin Newsom is apparently working overtime trying to leave a legacy before heading up to his new role in the Governor’s office, while Brad and Kenny Read are lobbying all who’ll listen about the wonder that is a Newport AC.

But all is not flowers in Rhode Island, with some area leaders bitching about an economically challenged state funding this kind of event in their little neck of the woods.  But this Charlie Hall cartoon from the Providence Journal is still great.

And we love GGYC dude ‘SW Sailor’s’ recent posts about the state of the San Francisco bid in the Newport and San Fran threads. Here’s his latest:

Update on the SS San Francisco – Both port and starboard crews have abandoned ship in the lifeboats leaving Captain Newsom and a skeleton crew to try and salvage the vessel from total disaster. The pumps are working furiously to bail her out and she is only listing 8 degrees to port, but it’s not known if the effort will be sufficient to save the ship and predictions are that she will sink by the 31st if efforts aren’t doubled up. In the meantime a SAR effort has been dispatched in an effort to save the remaining crew. While the situation has improved slightly, the fate of the SS San Francisco remains questionable. Stay tuned for further updates.