back to the barber

back to the barber

It’s been an educational week here in Spain as we get closer to understanding the great success of the second Barcelona World Race.  Our exposé of the reasons why is going to have to wait another day or two, but we’re piling up the research as well as video interviews and dockside coverage to stream to you in a special one-hour webcast on the 31st, and we’re working on getting a live ‘cocktail hour’ with some of the skippers together for you as well. 

We understand the race organizers are streaming live from the start too, and we’ll get all that info to you over the next couple of days.  Until then, keep your eye on the event site for plenty of good updates in four languages, and of course the Barcelona World Race thread for more up-to-the-minute reports from the ground here with the excellent pics of the lovely Meredith Block (and remember folks, if you do not register for the world-famous SA forums, you cannot see all the thumbnail photos in forum threads – all you get are filenames to click on, which is not a particularly rich browsing experience.  So REGISTER TODAY for free!

And here’s a little tidbit from Neutrogena’s shore crew.

“As their Christmas gift and preparation for the Barcelona World Race, our boat captain Philoun’s daughters, Juliette and Irene cut Ryan’s hair!And they did a superb job :-)”