more fun than the usual


more fun than the usual

The SORC line up for the Fort Lauderdale to Key West Race and the storied Pineapple Cup is starting to look like a showcase for Maxis with Beau Geste, Rambler (nee Speedboat), Vela Veloce, Privateer, Donnybrook and Bella Mente signed up for one or both.  

The Pineapple Cup raced on odd years from Fort Lauderdale to Montego Bay has a new standing record from the 2005 running of the race by Tom Hill’s Titan 12 of 2 days, 10 hours, 24 minutes and 42 seconds.  If the conditions are even close to those of 2005, Rambler, among others are certainly up for breaking this record, called the Windward Passage Challenge which stood for 30 years until 2003 when it was broken by Zephyrus V and again in 05 by Titan 12.  

The Key West Race,which is just around the corner, starts on January 12 has nearly 50 boats signed up for the overnight race down the keys and is expecting a few more late registrations. Both should prove to be spectacular races and in true SORC style, finish with rum filled parties.  Did I say rum?  I meant to say fun…

Cheers and Merry Christmas – may your dreams be filled with visions of maxi boats, pineapples and palm trees! 


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