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Aside from the tongue-in-cheek Far Kurnell Sailing challenge for the 34th Cup, three more less-than-likely challenges are all in various states of being as rhetoric between Newport and San Francisco figures heats up over the final venue decision due in just a week.

First is the Italian Argo Challenge, which may not be involved at all…but YouTube says otherwise.  Lars Grael?  Why the hell not?  After all, they did try to challenge for the 33rd Cup and ended up on Bertarelli’s famous “list of 19.”

Next is the Italian Venezia Challenge, but apparently they might not be representing Venice if the tourist mecca doesn’t come through with some cash, instead opting for the tiny town of Marsala (according to one Anarchist, famous for its egg nog).

And finally, and most exciting, is that Aussie big boat icon Ludde Ingvall has taken up the reins and actually submitted an Australian challenge to BMW/Oracle.  Check out the story here.  While it’s way too early to get excited over something as big a deal as this without more info, we can’t think of anything we’d like more than an Aussie challenge.  Good luck mate!

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