can you hear me now?

can you hear me now?

It didn’t take long for Simon Hull’s ex-ORMA 60 to start making waves in New Zealand after she got down there, but now the Kiwi trimaran skipper is looking for bigger things on the bigger island to his West.

He picked this week – just days before the Sydney-Hobart start – to get a New Zealand Herald story pushed out about his attempt to enter the most famous race in the Southern Hemisphere with the trimaran “Vodafone”.  Sydney’s CYCA unceremoniously turned down Hull earlier this year, writing that the Hobart was “a monohull race”, though he was unable to get to the line anyway.

We’d love to see an ORMA 60 pace the Hobart fleet pirate style, but Hull reckons that sooner or later, the attitude has to change.  He told the Herald “All the local yacht clubs now seem to have woken up and realized that multihulls are here to stay and are actively accepting and embracing multihulls into the fold, whereas CYCA seem to be acting otherwise."

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