missing cat

missing cat

Okay so this sort of thing is just such bullshit that we had to put it on the front page to see if our community can help find it.

I have a different enquiry…my catamaran has been stolen! The boat and trailer were taken from Lelystad, Holland (outside Amsterdam). It is a modified Marstom M20, and box trailer. It is in very good condition i.e. brand new. The boat platform and trailer were purchased from Goran Marstom. Here she is on the beach, and here she is sailing.

The boat has:

  • 3 water-tight hatches & 4 water-tight bulkheads in each hull.
  • white hulls with vinyl signage "solo-atlantic.com"
  • 2 clear coat carbon beams
  • racks and wings with carbon/kevlar seat.
  • unique tramp
  • curved carbon mainsheet traveller
  • twin carbon tillers
  • red M20 rudders and boards
  • carbon righting pole
  • fittings: Karver furler/Harken mainsheet/Ronstan spin blocks


  • custom tornado mast
  • M2o spreaders (currently not on mast)
  • custom red mast float


  • box trailer
  • mast rack
  • 5 x lids
  • Swedish registration plates: DNR 070
  • boat rack which can lift the boat via a hand winch
  • 4 x wheel cradle

The boat is un-insured as was supposed to be in a secure storage area. The plan for next summer was the 2 handed Med record. There will be a reward for any information about its location. Thank you to anyone who can help!

Greg Homann