still rockin’ the boat

still rockin’ the boat

Thanks to MikeR and his crew for keeping us abreast of the situation of a departed great Anarchist and his wonderful wife.  From the Rockingtheboat site:

Julien Dougherty had an infectiously positive quality. Ask anyone who ever worked, played, or sailed with him. It was for good reason that Julien named his boat Tenacious; that he was the first person in history to win the Newport Bermuda Race on his first attempt in 2008; and that he turned his experiences in technology consulting—where he strove to build lasting, long-term relationships with clients—into a hugely successful technology services consulting business by the age of 26. While Julien’s life was cut tragically short in September, 2010, his spirit will live on in the activities of Rocking the Boat, a small nonprofit organization that teaches young people to build, row, and sail boats in the South Bronx.

A generous supporter and huge fan of the program, located just a few miles from his City Island home, Julien strongly identified with Rocking the Boat’s mission. Through building and using wooden boats, Rocking the Boat takes on the social inequities, economic barriers, and shortcomings in the educational system that combine to make life incredibly challenging for young people in the poorest Congressional District in the nation. The organization serves more than 3,000 young people and community members annually from its own 6,000 square foot building on the banks of the Bronx River. Rocking the Boat shows young people on the verge of becoming adults that their dreams matter and, most importantly, gives them the tools to achieve those dreams. In a nutshell: kids don’t just build boats at Rocking the Boat, boats build kids.

Julien’s wife, Devra approached Rocking the Boat in the hope of developing a project that would bring together friends and business associates, do something positive and lasting for our students, and fittingly honor her husband’s memory. We came up with the Julien Dougherty Fund for Sailing Education. Establishing this revolving fund will provide stable, substantial support for one of the most dynamic youth development programs in the country, allowing us to keep teaching kids to sail every year. Devra set an ambitious goal of collecting $10,000 by June 11, 2011. On that date, Rocking the Boat will dedicate and launch a 19-foot, gaff-rigged Connecticut River Drag Boat into the Bronx River, and publicly announce the establishment of the Julien Dougherty Fund for Sailing Education.

Go here to support the JD fund.