pc anarchy

pc anarchy

We think we’ve let anarchist "Phreddo’s" ironic lampoon image of the sled "the General" stand for long enough on the front page.

While we apologize for the offense that some of you suffered at seeing the hate-filled symbol of the Nazi party on the page, we want to make sure you understand Phreddo’s point: For some people, the confederate ‘stars and bars’ is every bit as malevolent and offensive as the Nazi emblem. If your family was torn from their native culture to be brought to a new country in slavery, you might be one of those people. If your ancestors were among the tens of millions killed at some point during the slave-catching, selling, and working process (far more than the Nazis killed, we might add), you might be one of those people. It is no less offensive a symbol than the Swastika to those people, even if worldwide so few people of black African heritage race sailboats.

For our part, while the symbol is massively offensive to some, it is still a largely regional issue. The vast majority of people around the world – even in America – know the General Lee as a fun car from an inane part of our TV culture that gives us good memories of being kids watching a fast car jump ditches and Catherine Bach in tight shorts, and it is presumptuous to expect the world’s designs and symbols to cater to a part of one country’s heritage.

So there you have it. Nazi emblems, fast boats, and very effective parody to prove a point that we think has been made. Go to the thread to find out what all the ruckus was.