back to earth

back to earth

We’re proud that Sailing Anarchy has been featuring video, pics, and stories about the International Moth class since we saw video of the first foilers on the water something like 8 years ago. We’re proud that the rest of the world’s media has (as usual kind of half-assed, and much later) joined in our obsession for these amazing boats, helping the Moth enjoy the extremely unique and prestigious position it does in the world of sailboat racing.  But the recent measurement/wing legality drama that we’ve featured on this page (and that you can read about here) is something to keep in mind if your class wants to get more media exposure and the sponsorship and bigger fleets that go along with it.  Coverage or exposure really means ‘interest’, and if you do it right, people tend to get interested in more than just the racing.  So if you don’t want to be under a microscope, don’t get the media involved.  Be happy with your dwindling class with no cameras, no stalkers, and no interweb naysayers poking from the sidelines.

The only American to win a Moth Worlds in something like 40 years is right now sitting in an overcrowded seat on his way to Belmont for the 2011 event, but he took a minute before heading out to try to keep the debate over measurement issues and the legality of his wing sail from getting out of hand in the furball that is the unmoderated Sailing Anarchy forum.  We’re guessing there will be little news until the wing is measured in Australia in a few days, but you’ll hear it here first. Until then, here’s Bora:

Someone I respect very much reminded me yesterday of the importance of being a leader as well as a competitor. I’m going to do my best to live up to that, and I’m going to do my best to keep in mind why we’re all here: We love racing these little expensive boats around at absurd speeds. I have a lot of friends on both sides of this issue and I want to do everything I can to make sure they stay my friends. The friendships i’ve made in this class are worth far more to me than my world championship or anything else. I don’t agree with the way some things have been handled, but the more important thing is that I do fully respect that everyone is a volunteer, working hard at helping manage our sport. We’re all really keen and it’s easy for discussion on the internet like this to turn ugly. I’m going to do my best to keep it from doing that and i would respectfully ask that everyone do the same as well.

Most of all, i don’t want to do anything to damage the Moth class. I think we are the best class in sailing for a good reason, and I hope we can preserve that even through the disagreements about rules stuff. There is a massive amount of work gone into hosting the worlds in Belmont and I know I am as eager to get there and go sailing as anyone.