the glee club

the glee club

You have to hand it to the Evolution mob.  An idyllic summer evening with a fresh little sea breeze blowing on the Swan River, three of the top offshore yachts in the State (General Lee, Al Fresco and Sled), the best looking bunch of Daisy Dukes in the entire Universe (see pic, right?) and a guest list that wasn’t just a reward for customers who placed big orders, but included all the crews who have worked their butts off to get their boats prepared and racing successfully on the track and also the volunteers who make our ocean racing possible.

Wearing a dacron delivery main with a full reef, a pocket handkerchief on the forestay and a cast of thousands that weighed down the back of the boat so far that the front couple of metres of the hull never got wet, the General had its backside well and truly kicked, firstly by Al Fresco and then Sled.  To add insult to injury, it was alleged that some of the trio failed to sail the proper course, but that’s twilight sailing.

On return to the dock, Tony Mitchell produced a Bundy and coke mix served in, (are you sure you’re ready for this?) a container with a seat on it that has previously seen the contents coming out of, rather than going into, the mouth.  After many assurances that it had been disinfected for days in the bottom of a swimming pool, a few brave souls tried the concoction, and when they remained on their feet, others quickly followed.

The whole evening was rounded out with a barbecue meal on the lawn for all concerned. 

Now I’ve been around the traps for a year or three, and whilst some clubs often spend up to reward their hard working volunteers, this is the first time I’ve seen competitors take it on themselves to say “thanks”.  Ya have to take yer hat off to Paul Eldrid, Scott Disley, Tony Mitchell and Frank Saraceni (not forgetting Daisy Duke).  Hazzard County will never be the same!