endangered species

endangered species

With just a couple of weeks left until measurement begins for the 2011 Moth Worlds in Lake Macquarie, the talk behind the scenes is all about how the wing sails are to be measured, and whether they will even be allowed to sail.  From the class long regarded as one of the most transparent – especially as to rules – this is quite odd, and we hope to hear what has been going on in closed-door meetings shortly.

 In related news, with a hundred and something-teen registered, Worlds will likely see the largest-ever fleet of Moths ever assembled, and remember folks; this is the class that was almost de-listed by ISAF because it had grown too small back in the pre-foiler days.  Will the Executive Committee embrace the development-class-mentality inherent in wing sails, or will they kill the first evolutionary leap since foils came on the scene?  Can’t wait to find out…

And finally, from Aussie measurer PhilS comes this gem about the kind of guy that must be preserved as the most valued kind of endangered species: “All except one of the 113 entrants is a foiler. The one out is Ian Sim’s Scow, he might only get one lap a race but he has not missed a big moth regatta in maybe 25 years or even more. Ian and his boat Smith are a solid component of Australian Mothing tradition. He will be one of the first rigged every morning and will have full wet suit + wooley jumpers on even the hottest days. An icon.”

Watch the Worlds thread here, and keep tabs on Bora’s wing thread here for news about the rules.