parts praise

parts praise

While the Gear Anarchy Forum (presented by Layline) provides a place for thousands of reviews on sailing gear and companies, no single brand gets more praise for its service than Harken.  Everyone knows the boys and girls from Pewaukee are a conscientious lot, but the fact that their customer care stays so incredibly strong regardless of Harken’s dominating position in the racing market is nothing short of awesome, and the sport is far better for their presence in it.  From the thread:

“I know there have been a few threads on service by Harken, but good service is an on-going effort and as such, acknowledgement of good service should also be on-going.

“Through their website "contact" page, I sent Harken a note to ask for help with a two-season-old part that had failed. Within 24 hours I had a response from Rick in Harken’s technical service department, asking for more info. I emailed Rick with a photo and additional information. A day later, Rick called me and we discussed the part in detail. At the end of the call, Rick said, "send me the part and I will fix it". So I did; total cost to me was $1.90 in postage for a part jammed into a regular letter-sized envelope and mailed to Pewauckee, WI. A week later the part was returned by UPS Ground, fully repaired.

“Outstanding service from a company known to stand behind their products and obviously continues to do so. Thank you, Harken.”

Treef Rosow
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